Digital ID or Digital Prison? Presentation by Aman Jabbi.

Aman Jabbi explains how the freedoms we thought we had are slowly and quietly being dismantled behind closed doors into a world of facial recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) which will monitor our every move.

While we are in a stupor of ignorance the infrastructure for central bank digital currencies are being quietly implemented so that according to your carbon, social or biomedical credit score, you will be allowed to or not allowed to travel, purchase, access the internet and exist according to a facial recognition and digital system which will pre-approve what you can or cannot do – like a digital caste system.

There will be the have’s and the have-nots according to your level of compliance. We are heading from a world of unrestricted access to our sovereign freedoms to choose what we want to do, to a world where our choices will be removed based on an artificial intelligence system deciding for us what it determines is suitable for us in advance.

This system is already in place in dictatorships like China. The rationale given to implement facial recognition and artificial intelligence and central bank digital currencies is that they will be for our ‘safety, security and convenience.’ But Aman Jabbi, an insider from the world of artificial intelligence and big data, warns us to run when we hear these words.

The other more disturbing fact is that infrastructure is being assembled in 2022/2023 to intensify the amplitude of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) which are only safe at lower natural levels. The rationale is that we need faster broadband speeds, so we need next-generation gigabyte connectivity. This is a red herring. This dense and much more intense electro smog is bad for our health and all plants, but this is being ignored and at certain intensities (60 gigahertz), these can be immensely dangerous.

The technology is already in place to use EMFs like invisible tasers. In Canada, LED incapacitors (puke guns/rays) can send out highly focused, high intensity EMF beams which cause intracranial pressure and vomiting. So, the LED incapacitors can be used to inactivate people quietly.

Parents need to be aware that in schools and homes facial recognition and AI can be used to monitor whether your child is achieving milestones, whether your child is emotionally happy, and whether you are teaching your child the right societal attitudes about climate change and sustainability. If not, big data can be used to reduce your carbon score or to indoctrinate your child without your knowledge or remove your child from you.

The analysed data about children in schools is also a source of making money from human data through betting on their likelihood of achievement and through using interventions for the more needy children, which can give back a return on investment for successful interventions. Basically, money can be made on human data and data about nature.

The level of intrusion that facial cameras and AI will have on us all, will be on a different level. Once this is fully implemented, there will be no turning back from the intrusion.

The West Midlands is currently a test bed for such technologies (5G). In supermarkets, you will see facial recognition screens at all self-service checkouts and cameras already clock you as you enter and move around the store. Privacy has already disappeared, only we are blissfully unaware just how much freedom we have lost.

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Digital ID or Digital Prison- Presentation by Aman Jabbi. Live-streamed to Central Coast community, NSW on 2nd June 2022.

Aman was at the forefront of video and camera technology in Silicon Valley. He has co-founded two camera startups. If you have a camera in your phone, stream video or movies, he played a part in it.

Aman has a BS in Electrical & Electronics Engineering and MS in Chemistry from BITS in India, an MS in Electrical Engineering from Penn State University and studied Computer Science at Stanford University.

Have a listen, to hear more about the smart cities infrastructure and implications, as it's planned to descend upon us sometime soon! Newcastle is named as one of the first trial smart cities in Australia.

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