Denmark to Stop Promoting Covid-19 Vaccines Because They're Ineffective

Go Covid narrative collapse! 🥳

Denmark will halt all COVID vaccinations on May 15, 2022.

There is one country in the world with health policies driven by science.

They realize stopping the spread is useless. They are stopping all vaccinations

I previously posted about a Nordic study that found — after analysing the health data of some 23.1 million people from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden from late December 2020 to early October 2021 — that the risk of developing heart problems increases by 75% with the BioNTech/Pfizer vaccine, and 557% with the Moderna vaccine.

I then posted on Denmark discarding 1.1 million excess Covid vaccines because of declining "willingness to be vaccinated."

Now Executive Director of the Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, Steve Kirsch, writes (Apr 28) that Denmark will stop the "promotion of the COVID vaccines on May 15, 2022," which is "the first country to do so."

"Watch this video by Dr. John Campbell about Denmark’s COVID policies starting at 3:00 to 4:00," continues Kirsch.

Dr. Campbell says "Isn’t it great to see a national medical leader with the sheer guts to reflect the accurate science. It’s just excellent. Very, very pleased to see the courage that Tyra Krause has demonstrated."

Tyra Grove Krause is "director of infection preparedness" for Statens Serum Institut (SSI), a government agency that maps the spread of Covid-19 in Denmark.

Krause and the SSI have concluded that "With omicron, "it is impossible to stop the spread of infection, even with severe restrictions."

"What’s remarkable," continues Kirsch, is the video "has not been banned from YouTube."

"That means what Campbell said is, by definition, not misinformation."

"But let’s be clear," clarifies Kirsch, "anyone that wants the vaccine can still get it. The change is that the government will stop sending out digital posts with invitations to get the vaccine."

Dr. Campbell adds (at 4:19), "As soon as other countries follow this lead, the better."

🔆 The Positive Takeaway

The extent these systems are harming us - as the facts go public, and the truth comes out - is going public and we say join us and let's leave these old systems behind.

We will never all agree on how the world should be, but we can agree that the current systems stopped loving, supporting and serving us.

Like an abusive relationship, when these systems are 'being nice,' we feel relief, hoping they learn/change.

Just like an abusive relationship, it is time to stop expecting they will change, walk away, and create the new reality we want for ourselves.

"Stop longing to go back to 2019," says cartoonist Bob Moran. "That was a world in which all of this hell was possible. We must never return to that ... we have got to ... rebuild."

The solution to mass formation is to be an example of how we want the world to be and actively co-create something new.

It is time for us to support each other, heal our wounds, and build a beautiful new post-Covid world without them - together 💞✊

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