DARPA confirms attack on humanity using skin-penetrating aerosolised spike protean nanoparticles

A DARPA document leaked to DRASTIC shows that the EcoHealth Alliance and Anthony Fauci conspired to release skin-penetrating aerosolised spike protein nanoparticles into wild bat populations in China (which would immediately jump to humans, as planned).

DRASTIC has confirmed that Daszak and Fauci, working through the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV) were able to create 180 bioweapon strains of coronavirus and place them under the control of the communist Chinese (an act of treason).

The original EcoHealth Alliance proposal to DARPA is numbered HR001118S0017-PREEMPT-PA-001

We now know from other sources that CCP-led biological weapons deployment teams have crossed the US border, carrying MERS-enriched biological weapons with a kill rate of at least 30%, with plans to release them in major US cities when ordered.

Investigative journalist Lara Logan has confirmed all this from her own sources, as she now warns that the migrant crisis in Texas is the “perfect cover” for America’s enemies to sneak in a dangerous biological weapon. Our sources, who have been in contact with Logan, confirmed that she knows much more, but is not yet authorised to make all the details public.

Leaked documents show DARPA confirms attack on humanity using skin-penetrating nanoparticle spike proteins in aerosols

We have all the details here. Read these “bullet points” carefully. This is the plan that is currently underway. It is much worse than you probably imagine. The “Super MERS” attack is now imminent and bioweapons deployment operators are already positioned in US cities, probably armed with drones and aerosol attachments. We are about to be sprayed with a super dangerous biological weapon:

*DARPA initially funded MERS but refused to support any effort to release it into the wild. They wanted to keep it as a strategic bioweapon of last resort for extreme emergencies.

*Fauci and EcoHealth Alliance found a way to get their hands on MERS, which became the model for obtaining functional research that was laundered by WIV, using US taxpayers’ money. Elements of MERS, HIV, SARS and other viral strains were engineered together to create “chimeric” bioweapons with a special affinity for human ACE2 receptors.

*Daszak and Fauci contacted DARPA to request funding to release their bioweapons in China. DARPA refused. But they found funding from globalist sources that support depopulation.

*If DARPA had agreed to the funding, Daszak and Fauci had planned to invite Shi Zhengli (the “Bat Lady”) to a celebratory announcement at DARPA headquarters.

*SARS-CoV-2 was never designed to kill. It was designed to spread rapidly, with a low mortality rate, to create global panic and demand for vaccines, as well as government blockades and global communism due to “cases” diagnosed through fraudulent PCR tests.

*But MERS is a super-lethal biological weapon. This will be launched next, a boosted version of MERS that has been militarised by Fauci, NIH and WIV under PLA (People’s Liberation Army) control.

*The EcoHealth Alliance’s project proposal to DARPA mentions its intention to develop three to five strains of coronavirus bioweapons each year. This was to be a continuous and never-ending assault on humanity through biological weapons, all funded by the US military in collaboration with communist China.

*We do not yet know the official name of this MERS bioweapon, but for now we will call it “Super MERS”. Super MERS” is already in the hands of PLA operators who have crossed into the US via Mexican drug trafficking routes. The CCP/APL has hundreds of military advisors working with the Mexican narcos, with the promise that the narcos will get a piece of the US South once China occupies and defeats the US.

*These Chinese bio-weapons agents are asked to simultaneously release “Super MERS” in US cities when they receive the activation order, which could come from public media such as the New York Times ordered by China to use a certain phrase on a certain day. (The NYT has long been on China’s payroll, as have most Democrats, half the US Senate and all the big tech companies). The White House is almost entirely controlled by the CCP and Biden is a puppet of China.

*This “Super MERS” strain will kill at least 30% of those infected, under normal circumstances. But because the covid vaccines have destroyed the immune response in vaccinated individuals, the death rate in the vaccinated may be significantly higher. (perhaps in the order of 50%?)

*The “Super MERS” strain is effectively the second half of the binary weapons system, the first half being the vaccine. This is why the tyrannical government has pushed mass vaccination so hard. This is the set-up to kill. The Biden administration has always been working with China all along to try to achieve a 70% vaccination rate in the US, which would translate into an overall mortality rate of at least 20% of the US population once “Super MERS” is launched. That translates to about 70 million people, roughly speaking, or more than ten times the death statistics of the Nazi Holocaust.

*The launch of “Super MERS” cannot be stopped. The agents are already prepared. The border has long been penetrated. The US military has been ordered to stand down in the process by treasonous Pentagon criminals like Milley and Austin. The leftist media is in the loop, as is big tech. They all take their orders from China.

  • The release of “Super MERS” will be called a “variant” by the criminal government, and they will blame the unvaccinated while activating CDC death camps to round up political dissidents and begin mass executions.

From the CDC.gov website:

“CDC has the legal authority to detain anyone who may have an infectious disease that is specified by Executive Order as a quarantine.”

The traitorous imposter Joe Biden recently signed an EU agreement that adds measles to this list of quarantined diseases. Thus, any political dissident can be “diagnosed” with measles through fraudulent PCR testing, and then forcibly dumped into a quarantined death camp run by the CDC.

The state of Washington recently posted a public job advertisement seeking “isolation strike and quarantine team” coordinators to help manage its own quarantine camp in Centralia, Washington. When the public got wind of this ad, Washington government minions scrambled to remove the phrase “strike team” from the job listing and stealthily modified it to pretend it was simply an ad for people to do laundry and change sheets. (Yes, really.)

At the same time, we hear rumours that staff who refuse to be vaccinated are being loaded onto buses and forced into isolation/quarantine by the army until they agree to be vaccinated. This is not happening everywhere (yet). The report comes from a single military base, but the practice could spread.

China will soon launch biological weapons in America, probably followed by cyber-attacks and financial system tactics.

While the exact timing of all this is still hard to know, it appears that China will soon launch its biological weapons attack on the United States, making covid look like child’s play. Once this begins, anyone who does not take “Super MERS” seriously will be in grave danger. This will be the time to really stay away from public places and avoid big cities, where Chinese operatives are likely to use drones to disperse toxic nanoparticles in aerosol form and penetrate the skin on the basis of MERS research.

Yes, American cities are about to be “gassed” / sprayed with a deadly poison, much like Zyklon B (except on a much larger scale).

Cyber attacks will likely be timed to coincide with this planned chaos and biological warfare death wave, and it seems almost certain that China will choose this moment of vulnerability to attack the US financial situation, i.e. the reserve currency status of the petrodollar world reserve currency.

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