Covid - is it real?


We may have a long wait for the truth.

THE so-called Omicron variant has exposed fundamental differences between covid-19 sceptics.

There are basically three stances:

first, that covid does not exist, therefore variants are void; second, that covid is real but grossly exaggerated, with hyped but actually mild variants; and third, that virulent new strains have been facilitated by mass vaccination.

Common to our church is a belief that covid-19, whatever its veracity, has been exploited for purposes beyond public health.

This is a political pandemic, as demonstrated by blatant censorship, brutal policing of freedom protests, and scapegoating of anyone who refuses to follow the official narrative.

Eschewing social pariah status, some well-known sceptics have distanced themselves from perceived extremes by emphasising ‘I am not an anti-vaxxer’ or ‘covid-denier’.

However, an insistent minority continue to assert that covid-19 is an elaborate hoax. Among them are American physician Tom Cowan, psychiatrist Andrew Kaufman, New Zealand general practitioner Sam Bailey, Irish microbiologist Dolores Cahill, commentator Patrick Henningsen of UK Column News, contrarian website OffGuardian, and self-styled conspiracy theorists Jeff Berwick (Dollar Vigilante) and David Icke.

I have tended to believe that covid-19 was a deliberate release from the Wuhan Institute of Virology: a mild virus detectable by swab test, as an accessory to the goals of the UN Agenda 21 and the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’.

Have I been duped? Arguably, both the lab-leak story and new variant scares have sucked critics into accepting that the virus exists. Outright covid denial seems far-fetched, so does it stand up to scrutiny?

Question 1:

The overwhelming majority of doctors, including those critical of lockdown, accept that covid is real. Surely they cannot all be wrong?

Sadly, the medical profession has been docile on the covid narrative. Departing from the Hippocratic Oath, doctors are following orders from the state and Big Pharma rather than exercising the patient-centred judgment for which they are trusted. Health- care practitioners have been warned by employers and professional bodies against dissent; indeed, the courageous few who raise their heads above the parapet have been sanctioned. Consequently, policies such as mask mandates are not challenged by Doctors who should know that this is not evidence-based practice.

Question 2:

Covid has affected the whole world similarly, so surely the pandemic is real?

Although mortality in the pandemic appears fairly uniform, with first waves followed by subsequent peaks and troughs in most countries, there are outliers. Countries with leaders who rejected the global covid regime, such as Tanzania and Belarus, have remarkably low rates.

Most relevant here is China. How can the original source of the virus, a country of 1.3 billion, have escaped so lightly? While Europe and the Americas have recorded mortality rates of about two per 1,000, China’s is 0.003. Despite living cheek-by-jowl in vast cities shrouded by smog in the autumn and winter, conditions ripe for a respiratory virus, nobody has died of covid in China for months. Why is this not queried?

Question 3:

How do you explain the surge in deaths in spring 2020?

Whereas reports from communist China may be suspect, arrival of the virus in Italy made the situation more transparent. A startling fact was the average age of covid death: 81 years. Tens of thousands of older people die of flu and pneumonia annually, and as the symptoms of covid are similar, perhaps these deaths were simply a reclassification - particularly as co-morbid conditions were trumped on death certificates by a positive PCR result (a very dubious method of screening).

In the UK, overall mortality rose by more than 10% over the year 2020. However, the graphic spike of March to May may not have been caused by covid, but by lockdown: hospitals and GPs became inaccessible, people were afraid to seek help, and there was a massive shift from deaths in hospital to home. Government policy evicted sick older patients from wards into care homes, where a high proportion died soon after transfer. ‘Do not resuscitate’ labels were widely applied without consent. Health Secretary Matt Hancock ordered huge supplies of Midazolam, a drug used in terminal care that suppresses breathing. In intensive care units patients were put on ventilators, with only a lucky few surviving this mechanical ordeal

The authorities needed to show a sharp increase in deaths to prove the lethality of covid and justify lockdown. Freedom of information requests to councils around England, however, consistently showed no increase in burials and cremations.

Corroborating this, funeral director John O’Looney said that business was relatively quiet in 2020, but greatly increased after the vaccine rollout last year. If we accept the ONS data, age- standardised mortality for 2020 was merely the ninth highest in this century.

Question 4:

Does Omicron not expose the impotence of the covid regime?

Vaccine expert Geert Vanden Bossche warned that mass vaccination at the height of the pandemic was a catastrophic error because it would cause the virus to develop resistant and lethal strains.

In almost every country, vaccine rollout was followed by a sharp increase in deaths, probably due to a temporary weakening of the immune system. This was most apparent in India, where vaccinated people became more vulnerable to the plethora of germs in overpopulated cities. Perhaps the increase in cases is caused not by variants of covid but by more virile strains of related viruses.

Question 5:

I have had covid, and it knocked me out. How can you deny that?

This is a common assertion made by many sceptics. We are into the third flu season since covid began, so inevitably we will suffer from a bad cold or flu in that time. Loss of taste and smell was described as a special sign of covid, despite this occurring with influenza. We do not like to think that our minds are swayed by propaganda, but if we weren’t then there would be no advertising industry.

From the covid denial stance, Omicron is simply another computer code representing a fake virus; the latest tactic to keep citizens in a state of fear, to prolong the pandemic while the globalist cabal pursues its agenda.

I am unsure of the whole hoax thesis though. Some readers may have already taken this leap of imagination; others may think of covid denial as a gift to the opposition. We may have a long wait for the truth.

Dr Niall McCrae is a senior lecturer in mental health at King’s College London;

Author of books The Moon and Madness, The Story of Nursing in British Mental Hospitals:

Echoes from the Corridors, and Moralitis: a Cultural Virus (with Robert Oulds).

Follow him on GAB: Dr_Niall_

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