Covid data will no longer be published over concerns that it's misrepresented by anti-vaxxers

Data About the Vaccines Is Disappearing

By Alex Berenson Unreported Truths

“Misrepresented” means screenshotted for everyone to see (though, I am not an anti-vaxxer anymore than someone who investigated thalidomide in 1965 is an “anti-mediciner.”

Here’s the final chart we’ll ever have from NHS Scotland.

Rates of death remain lower in people who were not vaccinated than those who received two doses, as they have for months:

Now let’s look at the whole chart, including boosters – no misinformation here!


13 out of the 104 people who died of Covid in Scotland in the week ending Feb. 4 were unvaccinated. In the 4 weeks ending Feb. 4, 61 of the 478 people were unvaccinated. (That’s equivalent to about 30,000 deaths in the United States.)

In other words, almost 9 out of 10 of the people who die in Scotland are vaccinated, and the vast majority of those are boosted. And deaths remain stubbornly high, even though Omicron is far milder.

Scotland was among a handful of countries to publish data at this level of detail. I suspect the others will follow its lead.

The novel Covid vaccine experiment is over. It’s ending. It’s failed.

The authorities know the truth as well as anyone else.

They are taking their only possible course of action: end the mandates, hide the raw numbers, and hope there are no long-term problems and everyone forgets.

Oh yeah, and try to censor anyone who won’t.

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22 hr ago·edited 20 hr ago

They can hide it all they want, it makes no difference. Independent journalists like myself and a ten thousand others have it all documented and saved, along with evidence of all of their crimes.

The fraud with the PCR tests for instance - the biggest data crime of them all - we have it:

By the way, they used that test specifically for two reasons. 1) to get your genome and 2) create false positives to fuel the pandemic. It was a smashing success:

The following paragraph is deeply incriminating for the NIH. They’ve been using the PCR tests to sequence the genomes of Americans without their consent or knowledge:

“DNA is used because at the most discriminating level, the structure of DNA can tell you what organism is being looked at. In the case of humans, PCR can identify a person using his or her genetic signature. In the case of COVID-19, researchers have published more than 100 genomes collected from patients to identify key features of the virus that causes that disease, SARS-CoV-2.”

The above article links to the NIH website which appears to publicly list the genetic information of millions of Americans:

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