Covid-19: The revelations will not be televised

Media turning blind eye as pandemic narrative crumbles

THE pandemic pantomime appears to be ending, but the show is far from over.

Those once ostracised for their pursuit of truth are being vindicated by revelations seeping into the public domain, albeit mostly under the mainstream radar.

In the last few months, we have seen reports confirming that lockdowns failed to save any lives from covid - unsurprisingly, this was only picked up by a few news outlets.

A recent inquiry also confirmed that Sweden’s decision not to impose a lockdown was the right one, as those countries which did went on to experience worse outcomes (see page 17 of this issue of The Light).

For instance, most of the covid- labelled deaths in England and Ireland occurred during the lockdowns.

The impact of the lockdowns led internationally renowned epidemiologist Jay Bhattacharya to declare them the ‘single biggest public health mistake in history’. The collateral damage from these measures will be felt for years to come.

The government was able to impose these societal restrictions through control of the media and the use of ‘hard-hitting emotional messaging’ to exaggerate the threat of covid-19. A group of psychologists have since declared the methods used to scare the public into compliance as ‘grossly unethical’.

Media outlets challenging the mainstream narrative have been censored and lambasted for spreading ‘dangerous misinformation’. The recent furore regarding guests on Joe Rogan’s popular podcast has amplified this issue, with guest Maajid Nawaz exposing the use of ‘military-grade psy-ops’ via the deployment of the British Army’s 77th Brigade on social media.

The highly controversial face coverings have come under the spotlight with a recent study showing they do ‘little if anything’ to prevent the spread of covid. The flawed PCR tests have also been questioned as they are unable to ascertain infectivity and mistake colds and flu for covid.

Since mid-June 2021, NHS England has been publishing data on the proportion of covid inpatients being treated primarily for the virus. During the height of ‘omicron’ this dropped to less than half. The ONS recently released data on the number of deaths from covid alone and the figures were barely ten per cent of the overall total of covid-related deaths.

One may conclude that the threat from covid has been grossly exaggerated from the beginning. Though in the early government and HSE press conferences, we were told that covid was a ‘mild disease’ from which most would speedily recover. No wonder Downing Street had few qualms about hosting parties during the first lockdown - they just chose not to publicise this fact until 18 months later.

Some of the more alarming impacts of the covid response remain buried in government reports and anecdotes from whistleblowers. The recently published list of adverse vaccine events seems to have conveniently coincided with blanket media coverage of other world events deemed more newsworthy.

Clips of MP Christopher Chope discussing the scale of the ‘vaccine nightmare’ have since been removed by YouTube as ‘medical misinformation’.

Despite this, the vaccine rollout continues with 5-11 year-olds next in line, even though it could take two million shots to prevent just one ICU admission in healthy children from this age group. Would people still rush to roll up their sleeves if they understood the difference between the publicised 95% relative risk reduction and the 1% absolute risk reduction from the Pfizer trial, the integrity of which has been brought into question by a whistleblower exposé in the British Medical Journal?

Claims that the vaccine has saved more than 100,000 lives seem wildly inaccurate given that more people died with covid during 2021 than in 2020.

Despite the media focus on the Wuhan lab-leak theory, one alternative explanation around the origins of the virus remains conspicuously absent from corporate reporting. Don’t expect any mainstream media outlet to highlight the fact that over 170 Freedom of Information requests from health institutions in 25 countries have failed to show proof of the existence of SARS-CoV-2, or that it causes covid.

At the beginning of the pandemic, we were told that excess death are the true measure of its impact. However, most commentators failed to notice that we were observing negative excess deaths before the first lockdown commenced. It is perhaps no coincidence that following the discharge of 40,000 in-patients by the NHS, there were 40,000 excess out-of-hospital deaths during the first wave.

While the covid narrative has begun to eat itself, the media focus has rapidly shifted to the latest moral panic intended to consume the attention of the masses. Although we can expect little from the recently- announced covid inquiry, The Light paper will always endeavour to bring the under-reported and censored facts to the public.

70 Freedom of Information requests in 25 countries have failed to show proof of the existence of SARS-CoV-2 or that it causes covid

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