China Developing Drug to Treat Adverse Reactions Caused by Covid-19 Vaccines

A recent study published on August 18th conducted by scientists in China reveals that the country is developing a drug to treat adverse reactions caused by Covid-19 vaccines.


The study titled “A drug candidate for treating adverse reactions caused by pathogenic antibodies inducible by COVID-19 virus and vaccines“, was published in bioRxiv, an open-access preprint repository for biology, on the 18th August.

Researchers noted that in a previous study they found that certain anti-spike proteins of Covid-19 and SARS-CoV viruses “can have a pathogenic effect through binding to sick lung epithelium cells and misleading immune responses to attack self-cells.” They termed this pathogenic mechanism “Antibody Dependent Auto-Attack (ADAA).”

Following this, the researchers conducted another study to explore a potential drug candidate to combat ADAA through preventing it entirely or treating ADAA-based diseases.

“The drug candidate is a formulation comprising N-acetylneuraminic acid methyl ester (NANA-Me), an analog of N-acetylneuraminic acid. NANA-Me acts through a unique mechanism of action (MOA) which is repairment of the missing sialic acid on sick lung epithelium cells.”

Scientists noted that this drug candidate has the ability to block antibodies binding to sick cells, which are vulnerable to pathogenic antibodies, stating that: “Our in vivo data showed that the formulation significantly reduced the sickness and deaths caused by pathogenic anti-spike antibodies. Therefore, the formulation has the potential to prevent and treat the serious conditions caused by pathogenic antibodies during a COVID-19 infection.”

The study concluded that the drug has the potential to “prevent and treat the adverse reactions of Covid-19 vaccines because the vaccines can induce similar antibodies, including pathogenic antibodies.”

Whilst this may seem to some as a potentially valuable treatment to adverse reactions to the vaccines, it just appears as though another drug that could cause injuries and side effects has been produced by big pharma, only to join the cycle of drug sickness.

What if this drug (if approved) causes adverse reactions? Will we need a drug to treat that, too?

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