Chem-trails - Man Made Clouds used to ‘Mitigate Global Warming’

Rosalind Peterson US Delegate to the UN describes the Persistant Jet Contrails phenomena that is affecting the planet's biosphere, reducing sunlight and reducing crop production which will lead to failed crops, shortages and starvation.

In her presentation at the UN, Rosalind showed evidence that these contrails which become man-made clouds can last for many hours, extending outwards up to 4000 miles.

The UK Government has an extensive page about Contrails (Condensation-trails). Here's what they say:

What are contrails?

Contrails form when the warm moist exhaust fumes from an aircraft mixes with the cold ambient air producing ice crystal clouds. The nuclei of some of the ice crystals in a contrail will contain minute products of combustion, but they are essentially ice.

Why can trails come from the aircraft tail and wings and not from the engines?

More than 2 contrails can sometimes be visible even behind a 2 engine jet aircraft. However, there are sources of contrails other than the engines, such as the changes in pressure as air flows around the wing edges. Due to the laws of science there is a relationship between the pressure, volume and temperature of a gas.

As the air flows over a vehicle, or aircraft, it undergoes a number of pressure changes which can result in it being cooler in parts. As the air cools, it is less able to hold moisture, so it condenses out as a vapour which is observed as a contrail. Visible condensation from the vortices caused by the wing tips of aircraft is a common phenomenon.

Why do contrails seem to form grid like patterns in the sky?

Aircraft often follow similar routes separated by altitude, time, lateral distance and direction and that is why grid like patterns can be seen in the sky.

Why do some contrails disappear almost instantly whilst other are long lasting?

This is dependent on the atmospheric conditions surrounding the aircraft. If the air around the plane is very dry, the ice crystals will turn back into water vapour and disappear within a few minutes.

However - humid air causes the ice crystals to remain and may even spread out, leaving a wider and longer lasting contrail that may be indistinguishable from naturally occurring cirrus clouds.

A number of aircraft seen leaving contrails do not appear on any web tracking services. Why is this?

The government is not responsible for these services, therefore specific questions should be directed to the operator of the relevant flight tracking service. However, if an aircraft is not visible on such a service, it is likely that it is not equipped with compatible equipment or is out of coverage for the service.

What about geo-engineering or weather modification programmes?

We are aware that other countries have used weather modification techniques known as cloud seeding with the usual intent to increase precipitation (rain or snow).

Normally this cloud seeding is done from aircraft. The House of Commons Committee on Science and Technology in its Regulation of geoengineering report does not deem weather modification techniques as geoengineering which are seen as major projects used for the purpose to minimise or reverse the human impacts of climate change.

The UK does not use cloud seeding, neither does it deploy geo-engineering.

Chemtrails are real - Now ADMITTED By John Brennan

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