Central Banks plan to to terminate paper money by 2023 and switch to Digital Currency.

Based upon reports from inside several governments, the IMF has been directing all central banks to terminate paper money by 2022 and move to digital currencies. The real motive here is to terminate the underground economy and to ensure that everyone is 100% taxed as they determine.

This has been the driving force behind the shift toward tangible assets with real estate, collectibles, and equities rising. This has been capital trying to get off the grid. One house on the beach I am personally aware of sold for $1.2 million in 1992 is up for sale now at $7.8 million.

Even Ukraine’s President has just signed a law allowing its Central Bank to issue a digital currency.

The consequences of Digital Currency reach far and wide

  1. Cash (Black) economy disappears

  2. State controls what you can spend your money on and where you can spend it.

  3. Social Credit system introduced to compliment digital currency means that the state can take money away from you if you do not obey - i.e. get your covid jabs

  4. Restrict travel - e.g. cant get fuel out side your local area

  5. Have to buy 'healthy food' such as less meat and more greens/ synthetic lab grown meat and bug protean.

Politicians are smart enough to know that a default means that mob will be storming their castles and mounting their heads of spikes when they realize their future has been one major lie.

The ONLY way for those in power to survive is to now move to an even more authoritarian state.

The closer we move toward 2024, people will be able to see for themselves what is now unfolding and becoming obvious.

Nevertheless, this is a last-stand. We have to WIN, they have to FAIL and what lies ahead will be a new form of government and with that, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

We must now look at the other side of 2032 and decide how to position ourselves for the end-game.

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