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I just signed the petition: “Do not restrict our right to freedom of expression online” & I suggest you do too:

Online Safety Bill is a huge threat to Free Speech. There's far too much censorship by Big Tech already.


Here's why:

If we don't have Free Speech, we have no ability to defend freedom of any kind.

The Online Safety Bill is a real threat to Free Speech.

It has been called a “censor's charter,” with many problems - especially the dangerous, vague idea of “legal but harmful” it contains.

If it passes into law, it is all too easy to imagine criticism of future lockdowns - or news of problems with medicines - being censored online as “legal but harmful.”

Needless to say, this is a very big deal - and Together are submitting to the Select Committee spelling out why so much of the Online Safety Bill is very wrong.

We recognise petitions are not enough to change things on their own HOWEVER they can sometimes serve a useful purpose, as part of the mix of things we can do.

At 100,000 signatures the petition above can be considered for debate in Parliament which can help us, as part of our wider efforts.

We'd love to get it to 100,000 signatures by the time it expires on 1 June.

So please sign here if you haven't already, and look out for further info from us on how to fight the Online Safety Bill #together.

Meanwhile, don't forget our exclusive upcoming interview with Mike Yeadon - part of our new #togethertalks series on freedom and rights...

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By doing this, we can reach a wider audience but also ‘hedge our bets’ because the threat of being ‘deplatformed’ and censored is constant.

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Finally, catch up with our first #togethertalks interview with “Scanned” author Nick Corbishley HERE.


We are stronger Together

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