Britain drops covid rules but financial reality sustains ‘The Great Reset’

IN contrast with the excitement on social feeds, the UK’s loosening of Omicron rules passed without much comment in the corporate media.


For the Gates-funded, military- aligned stenographers and public sector hymnals this should be an earthquake - suggesting the controlled press think the restrictions will be back soon enough. The Guardian leaves it to ‘unnamed health officials’ to warn that the decision seems to be political, guided by events in London and risks another ‘wave’.

It seems this is indeed the return to pre-Omicron whose symptoms never justified the hype, though other rules (such as restricting doctor visits) won’t be reviewed until spring. Scotland and Wales retain mask requirements and some rules differ. Bill Gates’ threat that the next virus will be a scorcher still stands.

Remember the key steps of The Great Reset, as demonstrated so far in this “historic opportunity” of the pandemic, have been:

  • emergency freezing of the financial system and bailout of banks and private corporations

  • restricting small business and main street (unsustainable, inessential) and favouring big box/Amazon (sustainable, essential)

  • monetary system to be reconfigured, including central bank digital currency

  • switch to sustainable “green” energy which at current levels requires a sharp reduction in travel and consumption

  • close schools, despite the low risk to children, and introduce teleschooling

  • restrict health system, elective surgery, GP visits and introduce telemedicine

  • expand digital ID footprint, increase the public’s burden of compliance to reset the pubic attitude to government, from entitlement to obligation

  • alter expectations for pensions and benefits, touting universal basic income

  • increase political coordination and lockstep across the world; ‘deprecating’ legislatures, representatives, voting, courts and justice; deploying military on home soil

  • tighten media and online censorship, increase coordinated messaging

These have not been completed, but changes have been made that until recently would have been unthinkable. It’s widely agreed the old normal won’t return.

The Online Safety Bill (censorship) is still incoming in the UK, and new government agencies have recently been established: joint biosecurity centres and the fusion of police, military, health and social services.

On the pretext of “outcomes management” the British government has teams of psychologists conducting real-time experiments on public behaviour. See The Light, Issue 15, Page 10: The Never Normal is Forever - ‘UK Gov aims to Embed Control through “New Identities” to see how far they plan to go.’

Anecdotal evidence suggests patients’ physical ailments are being blamed on “psychological illness”, in keeping with the Johns Hopkins Centre’s SPARS 2025 pandemic scenario. Or maybe it’s climate change. A glance at the press confirms this narrative.

The Guardian has had a series of articles, taking every side effect of the covid stabs and ascribing it to something else: brain fog or dementia, collapsing immune systems, heart attacks, child strokes, thrombosis...

It goes like this:

May 2021 - UK women forced to wear face masks during labour, charity finds

Nov 2021 - Pregnant women urged to get covid jab as data from England shows it is safe

Jan 2022 - Global heating linked to early birth and damage to babies’ health, scientists find.

The uniform control of the press by military, government and corporations remains. Attitudes towards, and expectations of, police have been changed - from service to control. Preventive treatment is restricted, with bans on protocols, and doctors who recommend them are still sanctioned. Vaccine passports and digital ID infrastructure has been put in place. Quarantine camps have been built. Courts and the legislature have been sidelined by a small, rapid response teams of officials and non-governmental organisations, in the UK as elsewhere. In (former) colonies, obstructive national leaders and awkward public figures have been removed.

Given the lockstep in which politicians introduced covid restrictions, their lifting would have to be coordinated globally to have any significance. In Australia some “border barricades” and checkpoints have been removed, as on the Gold Coast.

But Germany and Austria have just tightened restrictions on bars and restaurants; France further restricted covid passports to people who have had three covid vaccines. The Netherlands still closes “non- essential” stores but will let shops, gyms and hairdressers reopen. Bars and cafes remained shut until Jan 25.

Omicron was a disappointment, but it’s not the only reason for this sudden easing of covid restrictions in the UK.

The British press maintains that the political survival of Boris Johnson is the pivotal issue of the moment. This disguises the neutering of parliament, decision making having shifted over several decades to civil servants and state security organs whose nexus is the UK Cabinet Office.

Another notable feature is the lockstep of the Anglosphere, particularly those that answer nominally to the British corporate crown.

Are the powers that be so desperate to keep Boris Johnson in these circumstances? His father Stanley is/was a Rockefeller man, and campaigner for depopulation and eugenics, just like Gates Sr. Interesting how these families use the next generation - and how that generation is lifted to the heights by hands unseen.

If the “rapidly shrinking window of opportunity” for a Great Reset has not gone away, what can we expect next? It cannot be restated enough that the ‘pandemic’ is in large part a monetary event. Don’t forget that the ‘pandemic’ was anticipated in the context of an economic crisis and the response prepared accordingly. This includes massive money creation, consequent inflation, and disruption to choke points such as supply chains and energy lines.

In government, the massive money creation may seem like a bonanza of lolly to finance pandemic surveillance, but in reality it will lead to a sharp contraction in public services. The prescription for telemedicine, restrictions on seeing a doctor in person, the talk of education by artificial intelligence, and the fusion of policy and social services suggest the plan is for government to be much leaner in future.

The solution, as prescribed by central bankers and notably former Bank of England governor Mark Carney, is to rank businesses according to how sustainable and essential is their survival. The U.N. special envoy for climate action and finance is still determined to commit $130 trillion to literally turn the world net zero.


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