BOMBSHELL: Dr. Clare Craig Exposes How Pfizer Twisted Their Clinical Trial Data for Young Children


  • The trial recruited 4,526 children aged six months to four years old. 3,000 of these children did not make it to the end of the trial. Why was there this drop off?

  • There were six children aged two to four who had severe covid in the vaccine group but only one in the placebo group. So on that basis, the likelihood that this vaccine is actually causing severe covid is higher than the likelihood that it isn’t.

  • The only child who was hospitalized in the trial for a fever and a seizure was vaccinated.

  • In the three week period, after the first vaccine dose, thirty-four of the vaccinated children got covid and only thirteen in the placebo group which worked out as a 30% increased chance of catching covid in that three week period if you were vaccinated.

  • They ignored that data and then there was an eight week gap between the second dose and the third dose where again, children were getting plenty of covid in the vaccine arm. They ignored that data.

  • There was then several weeks after the third dose which they also ignored, which meant that in the end they had ignored 97% of the covid that occurred during the trial and they compared three children in the vaccine arm who had covid with seven in the placebo arm and they said that this showed the vaccine was effective.

  • The children who would have been placebo, the control group, were followed up for an average of six weeks and then unblinded and given the vaccine. That’s your safety control gone forever.

  • Emergency Use Authorization is meant for a situation where there’s a risk of serious injury or death. Children under five are not at risk of serious injury or death from covid.

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