Bollywood star promotes natural immunity over covid ‘vaccines


Pooja Bedi tells her fans about the importance of personal choice.

POPULAR Indian actress, columnist and TV host Pooja Bedi has recently spoken about the importance of a healthy ‘body and mind’ after contracting covid.

In a Twitter message, she promoted positive self-talk and common sense by saying, “We all have to get the virus at some point given how contagious it is. Immunity is key to recovery. Positive headspace. Happy thoughts. Healthy food”.

On her popular Instagram page, the actress posted the following statement:

“COVID POSITIVE!!!!! I have finally been diagnosed as covid positive. I chose/choose to stay unvaccinated as it’s my personal decision to allow my own natural immunity, alternative healing and wellness practices to accelerate my healing.”

The outspoken Indian woman also spoke to her fans about the importance of personal choice regarding taking the covid vaccine by stating, “You do what’s right for you. Each to their own.”

The actress went down the healthy supplement recovery route after getting covid. She said, “Having 17 herbs kadha. It’s a phenomenal blend. Fresh fruits, sugarcane juice, coconut water, protein, easy-to-digest food, saltwater gargles, steam inhalation, balm on chest.”

Many faux feminists across the world who normally shout from the hilltops about ‘my body, my choice’ have strangely been quiet regarding bodily autonomy for women and pregnant women who feel pressurised into getting the experimental jab. They could learn a lot from listening to a determined, intelligent woman like Pooja Bedi.

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