Bill Gates To Focus On His Global Health Agenda – Won’t Join Space Race

The world’s wealthiest men are fighting in a battle for space. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are chief executives from SpaceX and Blue Origin, respectively.

They anticipate a universe in which the internet is available from anywhere, people are interplanetary, and space stations are home to permanent inhabitants.

However, Bill Gates isn’t putting his fortune into these off-planet endeavours.

Gates, the fourth-richest man alive, has what he believes are higher aspirations here on Earth.

“Until we can get rid of malaria and tuberculosis, and all these diseases that are so terrible in poor countries, that’s going to be my total focus,” he added.

His charitable efforts have already led to progress.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation collaboration in conjunction with the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Court has recently helped eliminate Onchocerciasis, also known as river blindness, in Niger. It is one of the initial African countries to achieve this.

The disease can be transmitted to people through frequent bites from infected blackflies. The disease can lead to permanent blindness.

The majority of those affected by the disease live within the 31 African countries, as per the World Health Organization.

“Having Niger be the first country declared completely eliminated of river blindness shows we can get it done for the whole continent.”

The Microsoft founder claims that If he had a single goal for 2022 it would be to end the disease of polio.

“That’s a big, important cause to me. So, if Afghanistan can stay stable, it looks like we’ll finally get wild polio down to zero. And we’ve been working on that for over 20 years.”

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