Biden’s Blunder [By Jim Bratten] – 8/16/21History repeats itself, it is said, and in 2021 the U.S.

History repeats itself, it is said, and in 2021 the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan became a sanctuary for Afghanis who aided Americans over the past 20 years and now feared for their lives.

It is 1975 again; Saigon is falling to Ho Chi Minh and his Communist Viet Cong as they rapidly penetrate city defenses. Vietnamese who worked for or assisted the United States flee in terror for their lives, heading to the U.S. Embassy for refuge. U.S. Marines give their all to defend the embassy until the exodus is complete. Will there be an airborne evacuation from the U. S. Embassy in Kabul?

In April, the U.S. had 2,500 soldiers in Afghanistan, as reported by The Washington Times. Then Biden suddenly pulled them all out, leaving behind American military equipment as spoils of war for the Taliban (billions of dollars of it). With the fall of Kabul imminent, Joe sent thousands of U.S. military personnel back to rescue thousands of embassy staff and civilian contractors.

Late last week in a rapidly developing offensive,Taliban forces were 30 miles outside the capital of Kabul, after capturing half of the 34 provincial capitals in the country in short order. In addition to the massive amount of captured U.S. arms and equipment that was left behind, after capturing Kandahar and its huge U.S. air base, the Taliban now has its own air force. The $21 billion spent by the U.S. to build an Afghan Army over the years has been a waste. When Taliban forces confront them, Afghan soldiers flee or surrender.

Advancing across Afghanistan, following the sudden U.S. withdrawal by the Biden Pentagon, Taliban forces have killed Afghanis who assisted U.S. troops as translators or in other capacities. The Taliban Islamists use our abandoned equipment, rolling through the country in U.S. Army Humvees and armored trucks, using U.S. arms and ammunition to slaughter those in their way. As Afghani soldiers surrender to the Taliban forces, the Afghani soldiers, disarmed and defenseless, are executed where they stand. Women and girls are raped, some kidnapped for “use” elsewhere and 12-year-old girls are forced into marriage to Taliban soldiers.

During this mayhem and slaughter, Lloyd Austin, Biden’s secretary of defense, hunts “white supremacists” within our own military ranks. Alleged president Joe Biden himself said that the biggest threat to the United States is white supremacy – not a reinvigorated Islamist Taliban or rapidly rejuvenated al-Qaeda (who will again use Afghanistan as a staging area for attacks against the Great Satan – America).

Taliban leaders know Joe. They watched as the U.S. left Iraq. They saw the actions of the Obama Regime in Iran; the “bribes and deals” of John Kerry. They witnessed the Obama State Department and CIA sacrifice their own countrymen in Benghazi and then cover-up the atrocity. They also took notes on the Clinton-organized disaster in Somalia.

Biden is repeating the mistakes Obama made in Iraq; a rapid, disorganized pull-out that created an opportunity for the Islamic State to grow, flourish, and then wreak havoc and death. It filled a void.

In Joe’s weak attempt to “negotiate” with the Taliban for an “orderly, peaceful withdrawal,” he begged the Islamist Taliban leaders to not attack the U.S. Embassy in Kabul. Joe offered them foreign aid (how many billions?) if they would agree to a peaceful treaty with the Afghan Army as the U.S. pulled out. (Foreign aid to the barbaric Taliban?) He said the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan would be an “orderly and peaceful withdrawal.”

President Trump’s plan for an ordered withdrawal from Afghanistan was scrapped upon Joe’s occupation of the Oval Office. Now the Taliban has Kabul and the U.S. Embassy is being evacuated to the airport, not orderly or peacefully. Twenty years of effort – gone in 30 days.

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