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Better way to live our lives

Light, love and laughter at the inaugural true health conference.

AGAINST the backdrop of the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, where unelected billionaires and internationalists plan our future, another far more enlightened summit took place.

The inaugural Better Way Conference 2022, held in the ancient English city of healing waters, Bath, from May 20-22 couldn’t have been more opposite to that held in the land of raclette cheese and Nazi gold.

One saw a group of unelected corporate, pharmaceutical and NGO ‘leaders’ congratulate each other on their work of the past two years and create ever more crises and anticipate what us mere mortals might do to tackle them.

Davos had proclamations of impending doom, new globally- binding pacts and great resets being issued. The drive towards less freedom, privacy and personal choice continues with increasing malignancy.

Bath, however, gathered the most eminent doctors, broadcasters, scientists, health professionals and legal minds challenging the official science and prevailing, nefarious, globalist narratives. Focusing not on horror, but on hope; strategies

The panel answering questions at the Better Way Conference for the future of our world and how to not only reclaim, but rebuild society, rejecting the current globalist technocratic paradigm.

Despite a last-minute change of venue (something to do with the event jeopardising the local jab rollout), a sunny, almost hot day in Bath, in the glorious west of England, the conference welcomed speakers, attendees, and independent media from across the world.

The stage was set for a series of workshops and panel conversations covering such topics as the reclamation of science, covid-19 and vaccine health consequences, building active communities, revolutionising the media, human rights and our environment.

A collective sense of anticipation built as the speakers and vendors arrived, mingling informally, some conducting interviews with the media, some just shooting the breeze, taking selfies, or maybe taking the rare opportunity for a hug with their heroes and friends.

The informality, friendliness, and sense of collective higher purpose among the group was palpable, infectious even. A welcome inoculation against the terror and fear so often propagated by the medical, media and government establishments.

The event kicked off with an opening address from Dr. Tess Lawrie, tireless health campaigner, member of the World Council for Health steering committee,2Director of E-BMC Ltd, and EbMC , a community interest research company and major proponent of drugs such as ivermectin as treatment and prophylaxis of severe illnesses.

The crowd of almost 500 erupted into what felt like a long- awaited ovation as Dr. Lawrie introduced the first of seven panel conversations over the weekend – Reclaiming Science Together. Del Bigtree, filmmaker, broadcaster, vaccine campaigner and host of The Highwire, brought an energy to rival any TED Talk, taking to the stage to rapturous applause and we are under way. In testament to this energy and enthusiasm, the first of the panel conversations overran by two and a half hours.

The weekend that followed was fuelled by the spirit of this first conversation, laying the foundations for the kind of open debate, analysis and deep insights that come to epitomise the event, but which are also notably absent from virtually all mainstream arenas.

With such luminaries as Dr. Robert Malone, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Dr. Tess Lawrie, Dr. Bret Weinstein, Del Bigtree, Dr. Ryan Cole, Mark Sharman, Dr. Mark Trozzi and Neil Oliver among many others, the deluge of information and insights was difficult at times to fully appreciate for the sheer volume, with many of the crowd making furious notes or recording snippets on their phones for later reflection.

The sunny weather persistedfor the second and third days in Bath, bringing with it a sense of optimism and togetherness which seemed infused into the speakers and attendees alike. As we cascaded through the scheduled conversations, some running deep into the evening, the crowd felt unified and engaged, the speakers all stepping to the podium with conviction and clarity of purpose in their respective subject matters.

During breaks, the crowd often lingered in the main auditorium, meeting and talking with speakers, or checking out some of the many vendor stalls with representatives from the Vax Control Group, holistic healing, supplement advice, The Light paper and more.

The informality and approachability of those gathered to speak was evident in the time each took to stop and speak for however long needed, to those who came from far and wide to gain knowledge, affirm convictions and hear truths so often obfuscated from our view. Smiles, hugs and well wishes could be seen and heard throughout the convention centre. Even those with seemingly conflicting views engaged with each other as friends and colleagues, with sincerity and conviction.

It’s almost impossible, given such a setting, with so many leading minds, voices and commentators, not to step away with a renewed conviction and vigour for the fight in which we now find ourselves engaged. An apt and timely event, perhaps even a good precursor for what will be contained in the impending divine scripture which the world congregation will shortly receive from deep within the corridors of Davos.

Dr. Robert Malone, scientist and seminal inventor of mRNA technology put it best, in a poignant and moving speech noting that we are ‘luminous beings’ and: “as far as I am concerned, the summit of the pyramid of human enterprise is heart, it is not economics, it is us as people.” It would be hard to argue against his words as presenting us with a Better Way indeed.

The Better Way Conference 2022 is available now on demand at www.

Kerry Murray is the founder of United Free Press, the home of ethical journalism:

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