Be aware: the hypnotised may not hear


Critical thinkers must continue to speak out to try and break the spell over others

WHY do some people steadfastly believe all the data coming from mainstream media sources even though they know it is absurd, while others appear to be switched-on to the deceit and subterfuge of everything that is happening in the world and ready to call it out?

Mass psychosis can only happen when the conditions that induce mass group formation are in place. Social isolation creates a lack of social bonding which in turn restricts the intimacy of vulnerability that comes from shared experiences.

People can either turn to social media to replicate that experience or just accept their detachment from the rest of the community.

Homosapiens are a social species, and a lack of social bonding and community spirit, meaningless jobs and a lack of purpose in life foster the right conditions for mass formation.

There are millions of people across the world - clerical workers, administrators, consultants, telemarketers, corporate lawyers, service personnel, and many others - who are toiling away in meaningless, unnecessary jobs, and they know it.

People are so disengaged at work that they are sleepwalking their way through their working days with no meaningful purpose in life except to look forward to a monthly squirt of income which mainly goes towards paying bills.

In David Graeber’s book Bullshit Jobs he describes jobs which cannot be justified, even by the people doing them, who have to pretend that there is some reason for them to exist. That is the bullshit element. A lot of people confuse bullshit jobs and bad jobs but they are not the same thing.

Bad jobs are bad because they are hard. They have terrible conditions, long hours and the pay is low, but often these jobs are very useful. In fact, in our society, often the more useful the work is, the less they pay you (‘key workers’).

Bullshit jobs are often highly respected and pay well but are completely pointless and the people doing them know this. Most corporate lawyers secretly believe that if there were no longer any corporate lawyers, the world would probably be a better place. The same is true of public relations consultants, telemarketers, brand managers, and countless administrative specialists who are paid to sit around, answer phones, and pretend to be useful.

Antidepressant usage has risen markedly in the past decade all over Europe.

In a country like Belgium with a population of just 11 million, 300 million doses of antidepressants were dispensed in one year.

According to Professor Mattias Desmet, for mass formation (group psychosis) to emerge there should be free-floating anxiety and free-flowing psychological discontent connected to anxiety.

He says four basic conditions have to be met:

  1. Social isolation where the bond between the individual and other people has deteriorated.

  2. A lack of sense-making in life.

  3. A lot of free-flowing anxiety in individuals unable to connect their anxiety to any form of representation.

  4. Lots of frustration and anger.

Under such conditions a story is presented through the mass media indicating an object or focus and presenting a strategy for dealing with this object of anxiety which makes people start to connect to it.

Ninety-five per cent of the entire global media is now controlled and run by just six U.S. companies which themselves are controlled by one entity.

Whatever story appears in The London Times appears in the Jakarta Post, the Singapore Strait, Johannesburg Star, LA Times, Bangkok Post, Le Monde, Moscow Times etc. Investigative journalism is dead.

It could have been the Jews in Nazi Germany, the aristocracy in the Soviet Union - or a virus, including those people who do not want to go along with the strategy and who get called out as ‘anti-vaxxers’. This is how they connect and control their anxiety.

Altogether they can don their Superman outfits and participate in a heroic battle to save mankind, and the social bond is restored, which is so strong because it exists in a mass or crowd. They go from a negative mental state to a positive state and experience a mental intoxication - a type of hypnosis.

They long for a solidarity, and people not joining the battle are blamed for showing a lack of citizenship. Their attention is focused on the narrative which means that they are not able to consider anything that goes against the official story. Subconsciously, they know that social distancing, washing hands, the stand up-sit down rule in pubs and mask-wearing in certain shops are nonsense, but they have made a conscious decision to override their subconscious to comply. They are having a battle inside their own head.

Cognitively and emotionally, they are no longer aware of what happens outside of their small field of attention and outside of the covid narrative. They prefer dogma rather than debate and yet good scientific facts come from years of robust debate.

When I set up a stall once a month to help dispense The Light papers, not one person has come forward with any rational argument to counter anything I say.

It is all shouting, profanity, metaphorical middle finger waving and a quick exit from people you would otherwise consider middle class and educated.

One person I did engage with for 20 minutes was an epidemiologist who enjoyed dispensing his obvious knowledge on the benefits of the mRNA ‘vaccines’.

When I asked him who he worked for, he was tight-lipped and did not answer simply because he knew that I knew Bill Gates was helping pay his salary.

As he walked off, he told me that he was now a vicar before he saw the smirk on my face. The Church of England is worth around £15 billion in England alone and is well-connected within the established circles. They encourage their congregations to ‘get the jab’.

In Gustave Le Bon’s 1895 book Psychology Of Crowds he noted that ‘intelligent people are as intelligent as people who are unintelligent who lose all capacity to think critically and rationalise’.

When they are in this state of mass formation (hypnosis) they do not notice that they can lose all things that are important to them - wealth, health, connection to parents, children, siblings, friends etc.

In the 19th century, Le Bon warned that the masses are able to take over the power in society which could give rise to a new type of state - totalitarianism as opposed to a dictatorship.

In a dictatorship, people are just scared of a very small group of powerful people who can impose a unilateral social contract upon them. In a totalitarian state, events start differently, in a mass formation, and after years or decades the regime can use this growing narrative to impose power over the people.

The media are crucial in continuing this process of mass hypnosis. If a certain narrative is pumped out and repeated over and over, the mass formation becomes deeper and stronger when people are disconnected and socially isolated. Being disengaged from nature also emphasises their sensitivity.

Why does not everybody form part of the hypnotic crowd and buy into the covid narrative? The biological and epidemiological discourse treats people very much like biological beings rather than human beings.

The major ideology that is playing out in this crisis is transhumanism and if you look at it deeper from a human perspective, millions of people do not want to accept this.

Crowd formation makes those people extremely intolerant of alternative, dissonant voices and if someone speaks up, he or she threatens to wake others up including themselves and the formation process can be halted.

This is why they act aggressively when someone tries to confront them to explain how the corporate media is wrong. If they allow themselves to begin to understand that there is something more than the virus, there is a good chance that they may wake up and an equally good chance that they just would not be able to cope.

They have invested their trust and faith in the government and politicians who they previously have called liars and charlatans all their lives - Stockholm Syndrome! People have this mental representation of a deadly pathogen with vaccines as the cure. The free-flowing anxiety connects this train of thought and in order to disconnect the two, you have to turn up the heat and create even more anxiety.

From a psychological perspective, someone is seized by the resonance of the voice while they are under the influence, which is why totalitarian states start the day with a certain amount of propaganda.

The contrary is also true and the hypnosis will become less effective if there is a contrary voice in the public arena, which is why talk radio stations cut people off immediately if they start to dismiss the official narrative.

It is imperative that people continue to speak out when they can - shops, families, work etc. - but of course it is difficult if you want to maintain relationships and careers.

If people who think differently continue to speak out, it will help ensure that the hypnosis does not get any deeper.

Around 1930, the opposition to the Soviet Union stopped completely and inside five years Stalin murdered millions. By 1938, it was somewhere around 20 million, not including combatants, and 50 percent of his supporters were liquidated. Stalin’s extremely brutal, 30-year rule as absolute ruler of the Soviet Union featured so many atrocities, including purges, expulsions, forced displacements, imprisonment in labour camps, manufactured famines, torture and good old-fashioned acts of mass murder and massacres (not to mention World War II), that the complete toll of bloodshed will likely never be known.

Hannah Arendt’s The Origins Of Totalitarianism describes how in the beginning the original narrative was logical and rationally structured but as mass formation gathered momentum, the narrative became more absurd, illogical and irrational.

Both covid and the climate change rhetoric use pseudo-scientific claims to appear scientific because it actually does not matter what is real or fake to all those on board.

Even if the story is ludicrous or the requests they are being asked to fulfil are farcical, it leads into a social bond which leads to mental intoxication, and that in turn leads into crowd formation.

We are all one bullet away from utopia.

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