BBC & Sky News broadcast dangerous lies to the nation

Last night BBC and Sky News broadcast lies to the nation on PHE data. They claimed 75% of Covid-19 deaths are among the unvaccinated and that the PHE figures were for the previous 7 days.

This is an outright lie, 70% of Covid-19 deaths are among the VACCINATED and the figures are for the previous 7 months!

They have done this to coerce young adults and teens into getting the jab and to convince parents into allowing their children to have it once Whitty approves it.

This news has spread like wildfire and the Covid Cultists have latched onto it as fact.

Please help to put this dangerous lie right and expose the false news from the likes of the BBC and Sky News whilst they have given us a great opportunity to do so.

The links to the PHE report are in the following article for everyone to see the lies broadcast to the nation for themselves.

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