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Authorities have passed law banning the cultivation of their own food and large fines for violators

VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA: Premier Dan Andrews is passing a bill that prohibits people from growing their own food.

The Agriculture Legislation Amendment Bill 2022 has had its second reading in parliament. Biosecurity is stated as the reason for changes

The Bill Prohibits Citizens From Growing Their Own Food And Expands Federal Powers To Size Livestock.

Expanding the powers of law enforcement, searching property and persons without a warrant, increasing fines from $1,800 to $10,000 for providing false or misleading information are all part of the new bill.

Authorised officers will no longer need the consent of the landowner to remove samples, livestock (animals) and documents.

Authorised officials will no longer be required to present an official ID. There are severe penalties for obstructing access to their land.

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