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Graham Hood delivers a powerful speech at Canberra Protests 5th Feb 2022


I was there, it was exhilarating yet at the same time emotionally draining, too much adrenaline lol. We've waited a long time for this.I found out about this treason only five or six years ago, awakened to it by Wayne Glew. We're winning. Governor General's House is closed, permanently according to someone who rang them.

The red People's flag together with the Aboriginal flag was hoisted up onto the flagpole outside the Governor General's House today (Mon 7 Feb) by the People, who then sat on the ground, held the line and defended it against police who gave up and left


The one person that "could" have stopped all this in Commonwealth Countries, (under English law) BUT the Queen, the REAL Queen of England, is dead, but a stand in for here.

She is no more, as of near 2 yrs ago, when she was removed from Buckingham Palace!

I have been saying for over 8 yrs that Australia was sold out by Goff Whitlem, Hawke & then Keating signed off on it! No one would listen to me, i was an idiot nuts etc, so it did not surprise me when, everyone rushed out & threw their naked arm forward, ready to have poison pumped into them, because the so called honest govt said do it!


I wonder if the armed thugs had their ears open that they are operating on the wrong side of the law, and will fall also like the traitors that hijacked this country and enslaved the sheeple who are only now beginning to wake up, all treasonous politicians should now have all their assets seized and then jailed for life, for treason, along with their protectors, the armed thugs, that crossed the line, the corrupt courts and maggots that run them along with the lawyers that fleeced the people and protected the politicians, ... good day ahead, and its been a long time coming.

Yes I saw this the last truck rally in Oz. This one has legs. The people are behind the movement. Canberra yesterday was absolutely amazing.... a sea of people marched on Parliament.

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