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Australia – QR Codes now required to enter a playground but kids can't remove mask to drink water

Australia is currently living under a ridiculous tyrannical regime that shows no signs of relenting after the Premier of Victoria announced he was extending the current lockdown, and the Chief Health Officer announced that they will reopen playgrounds but only permit entry using a QR code despite just 5 alleged Covid-19 deaths in 12 months.


Premier Daniel Andrews – who has enforced rules such as requiring a permit to leave home for work, a curfew, and not allowing face masks to be remove outside to drink alcohol – has announced that he is extending the current lockdown in the state of Victoria, Australia until 70% of Victorians have had at least one dose of Covid-19 injection.

“Due to the ongoing level of community transmission and the continued number of unlinked cases popping up across the state, Victoria’s lockdown will be extended,” said Premier Daniel Andrews.

“Victorians cannot afford to open up and let this virus run free. Our hospital system would be overrun. Our frontline staff would be placed under too much pressure and quite simply people would die. We need to continue to slow the spread of the virus until more of us are vaccinated”.

However the state has announced it will restore an ounce of liberty to children, but with extremely sinister strings attached.

The Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton announced that playgrounds will reopen but that a QR code system will be put in place that only permits a single parent or guardian to enter with a child. He also announced that parents and children will be required to wear face coverings in the playgrounds and will not even be permitted to remove them to drink water.

Some other restrictions enforced on Victorians include an order to stay at home unless shopping for food, water, and medication; but this is only permitted once per day by one member of the household, exercise for up to two hours per day, or to receive an experimental Covid-19 injections that does not prevent infection or transmission.

Victorians are also not permitted to venture more than 5km from their home unless they cannot access food, water, and medication within 5km, need to provide care to a family member, or need to get to work; but they can only do this if permitted by another state.

But are any of these measures justified? A quick look through the Victorian Governments Covid-19 dashboard suggests they are absolutely not.

On the 31st August the entire state registered just 120 new alleged confirmed cases of Covid-19. For context 6.7 million people currently reside in Victoria, Australia.

As of the 31st August 2021 the entire state has just 900 alleged active cases of Covid-19. This equates to just 0.013% of the entire population.

You can also see from the two graphs above that Covid-19 cases are in fact starting to rise despite imposing a strict lockdown on the 2nd August 2021, providing further evidence that lockdowns do not work.

The vast majority of active cases are also currently in the under 40’s with those aged 20 – 29 leading the table in terms of number of cases. This means the vast majority of people infected are not even at risk of hospitalisation and death, with historical data from around the world proving the vast majority of people who have allegedly died with Covid-19 were the over the age of 85 and had other serious underlying conditions.

As of the 31st August 2021 just 4% of the 900 alleged active cases, and 0.0005% of the entire population of Victoria have been admitted to hospital with a positive test result for Covid-19.

And in 18 months the entire state has recorded just 822 deaths within 28 days of a positive test result for the alleged Covid-19 virus, that’s just 0.01% of the entire population.

But just 5 of those alleged Covid-19 deaths have occurred since October 2020, with 817 of them occurring prior to this date, the vast majority in August 2020.

Despite all of this Victorians are not permitted to leave home unless for a reason decided as essential by the state, they are not permitted to travel further than 5km from their home unless for a reason decided as essential by the state, they are not allowed to open their business unless for a reason decided as essential by the state, and now they are not permitted to enter a playground unless they comply with a QR code system that is being put in place; but they are not allowed to remove their face mask to drink water in the playground because the state has decided that it is not essential.

Australia has fallen.

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