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Aussie Rules star retires after refusing covid jab

Updated: Mar 8, 2022

MODERN elite sport can be a cut-throat world of excessive fat salaries and a ‘win-at-all- costs’ mentality.

However, one honourable Australian Football League (AFL) player has turned down a new $450,000 contract and added bonuses for the upcoming season and instead has opted to retire due to his stance on covid mandate policies.


Thirty-year-old Liam Jones, who played for Melbourne based Carlton Blues, announced his retirement in November for personal reasons.

Officials on the AFL website reported: “It is understood Jones’s decision to retire is related to the vaccination policy implemented by the AFL in preparation for the 2022 season.”

On announcing his retirement, the principled sports’ star stated:

“I want to take this opportunity to thank all who have supported me throughout my journey, both personally and professionally. I love the game and I’ll miss my teammates. I hope that people respect my decision and privacy.”

The Australian State of Victoria under the tyrannical dictatorship of Daniel (Dan) Andrews required all ‘authorised workers’ including professional athletes to be fully jabbed before November 26.

AFL football executive Andrew Dillon expected a “small handful of players” to stand down because of the discriminatory policy.

Brisbane Lions captain Dayne Zorko expects more retirements in the coming months due to the mandated policy across the country. Speaking about the premature retirement of Liam Jones, he said: “Something tells me that he might not be the last.”

Deni Varnhagen, who plays for the Adelaide Crows in the AFLW top tier, is another Aussie Rules player objecting to covid vaccine mandates in the women’s league.

The premiership player and registered nurse has refused the vaccine and has questioned the AFL’s vaccination policy by saying that “coercion is not consent”.

Varnhagen stated: “I’ve always stood up for what I believe in, and I will continue to do that, no matter how difficult the journey may seem, there will be light and joy at the end of the road.”

Due to her stance, she is on aninactive roster’ list at the Adelaide club.

In a world where true role models are few and far between, Liam Jones and Deni Varnhagen are shining lights in a country that is surrounded by darkness.

We at ExposingTheirLies salute you for your honesty and integrity.


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