• Covid shots are in clinical trials until 2023

  • They are licensed under ‘Emergency Use’ in most countries

  • Manufacturers are not liable for any harm or death caused

  • This is new mRNA technology unlike traditional vaccines. In animal trials, many later died

  • As this report shows, these vaccines are causing terrible harm and loss of life to adults and children

  • Supreme Court judgement Lanarkshire v Montgomery 2015

  • Nuremberg code, drawn up after the horrors of medical experiments in WW2 camps

  • Check your company, institutional or personal liability insurance - does it cover death and injury to staff from coerced medical procedures?

  • There are several cheap and well-cited prophylactics and cures for ‘covid-19’ - they have been smeared and censored by those desperate to push the shots on everyone

  • Covid has a 99.98% recovery rate for those under 70 with no health problems

Do you think an unnecessary, experimental treatment is really worth the risk?

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