Anyone who questions COVID-19 measures like masks and “vaccines” are potential “domestic terrorists.

So says the United States Department of Homeland Security who has now issued a bulletin declaring that "anyone who questions COVID-19 measures like 'masks' and 'vaccines' are potential domestic terrorists.”

Health Expert Anthony Fauci on the Sunday talk show tour yesterday stated that Americans need to surrender their liberties (yes, he actually said that) because we are all fighting a common enemy, “the virus.”

The Big Pharma Cartel, who were given full exemption from prosecution over the hasty introduction of the emergency use mRNA gene therapy 'clot-shots', are trying to rush through new legislation to remove the emergency use authorisation on these COVID-19 shots and gain full approval so that they can legally be mandated.

VAERS, the US Adverse Reactions database has recorded more than twice as many deaths following the non-FDA approved experimental COVID-19 shots during the past 8 and a half months, than ALL deaths connected to ALL FDA approved vaccines for the past 30 years!

In Mainland Europe, the EudraVigilance report, the European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots, published by the European Medicines Agency, reports 17,503 DEAD and 1.7 Million Injured, 50% of which are SERIOUS.

Whilst in the UK, the MHRA's 26th Report on Vaccine Adverse Reactions shows

1,135,579 adverse reactions including blood clotting, blindness, deafness, nerve damage and spontaneous abortions and 1,559 deaths from the vaccines.

And the NHS are wondering why people are reluctant to get jabbed!!!

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