An Anti-Vaxxer’s Letter To The Vaccinated

by Iain Davis 29/11/2020


I don’t know you but this letter is written for you. I don’t know what trials you have survived or what joy you have felt. We will probably never meet but I want you to know that I wish you well. With all my heart.

I am what you might call an anti-vaxxer. I do not deny your right to have a vaccine if you want one. I think it is entirely reasonable for you to want a vaccine. I respect your choice.

It is reasonable to believe all vaccines are safe. To accept that vaccines eradicated smallpox and that Jenner saved James Phipps life is a fair appraisal. It is neither stupid nor ignorant to believe that vaccines rid India of Polio or keep the measles virus at bay.

To see vaccines as one of the greatest advances in modern medicine is understandable.

This view is based upon available evidence and I accept it is founded in reason.

I do not agree with you. I question your reasonable opinion because I think there is some evidence you possibly aren’t aware of. Perhaps you are, but have discounted it.

Who am I to question what you believe anyway? I am no one. I’m in no position to criticise you and this letter is not an attempt to do so.

If you think I am putting you and your children’s lives at risk by warning you against taking a vaccine, then I take your point. If I agreed with you, which I don’t, I would consider me a liability too.

If I believed that a vaccine would save lives and improve life for millions, but will only work work if everyone takes it, I too would strongly resent those who refused to comply. However, I don’t agree that the proposed vaccines will save or improve lives. I don’t think any of us need to rush to take any of them.

It seems there may be a cost to me for holding this opinion. Like anyone else, I will have to face the consequences of my actions.

I am content in my own mind that I am not doing anything to hurt anyone. In your anger, this may feel like scant consolation. In my defence, perhaps a little faith in ourselves is the best some of us can hope to achieve.

Please hear my plea. It does not come from any disregard for your health or safety. I do not wish you or anyone any harm. Quite the opposite.

I’m sure you were relieved to learn that the pharmaceutical companies have reportedly been able to develop COVID 19 vaccines. These are all said to be at least 90% effective. While none of the proposed vaccines promise to reduce the number of SARS-CoV-2 infections, they will all apparently reduce the chances of people becoming ill with COVID 19 symptoms.

Like influenza, which vaccines have not eradicated, it seems you will have to get your COVID vaccines on a regular basis. Unfortunately, just like flu, vulnerable people will still die from it, though hopefully in fewer numbers than have been reported thus far.

Perhaps you and I can agree that our experience of flu suggests this mortality figure is likely to fluctuate from year to year.

We are told that if you choose to have your COVID 19 vaccine you will not need to self isolate. You will be free to re-enter the new normal society because you will be able to prove your immunity status.

The vaccine won’t be mandatory but if I can’t prove my immunity status I will face continued restrictions. I may find employment impossible, my insurance refused, travel denied, any access to public services withheld and entry into some premises barred if I do not comply with my vaccine orders. Which won’t be compulsory.

It seems the vaccine truly is the only way either of us can hope to escape the COVID 19 restrictions. I fully appreciate why you are eager to get your hands on one.

However, if you are going to take your vaccine in the hope of returning to the normality we both once knew, I suspect you will be disappointed. Regardless of your immunity status, the new normal is permanent. Irrespective of our vaccinations, we will both be under continued surveillance and our activities will be controlled by the state.

I wish I shared your enthusiasm for vaccines. It seems life could be somewhat easier for me if I complied. Unfortunately, I can’t.

I am one, among many people, who doubt that the new COVID 19 vaccines will provide any perceptible health benefit. I genuinely hope I am wrong, but I don’t believe I am.

It seems to me that COVID 19 only affects a tiny proportion of the population. More than 99% of us are already able to face this virus without any undue cause for alarm.

I don’t know about you but, while I recognise how dangerous flu can be, I don’t live my life in fear of it. I see no reason to live in fear of COVID 19.

I acknowledge that this statement may prompt you to think I only care about myself and care nothing for others. That is certainly what you have been told to believe by the media and politicians.

This allegation is false. You may not agree with me, and others like me, but I ask you to try to understand what the situation looks like from my perspective.

I believe that some vaccines are detrimental to health. They contribute to people’s illness and do not offer the relief from disease claimed by the people who sell them. From my viewpoint, in advocating that all vaccines are equally brilliant, it is you who appear to have a cavalier disregard for others.

Clearly we cannot both be right. I strongly suspect the truth lies somewhere between our two positions. However, I cannot pretend I agree with you.

I am less convinced by the science underpinning vaccines than you are. I won’t explore that in this letter, but can say I have read many scientific papers which bring vaccine technology into question.

I have also read many more which strongly support and advocate the use of vaccines. I appreciate that the weight of published scientific research strongly favours your position. I just don’t accept that science is a matter of consensus. It is a matter of empirical evidence and scrupulous objectivity in my view.

I understand why you would label me an anti-vaxxer. However, please allow me to briefly explain some of my concerns. I ask only that you hear them, nothing more.

I am worried that the development of a safe and effective SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is extremely unlikely in the current, frenetic political and social climate. Scientists have been trying to develop a SARS or coronavirus vaccine for many decades without success. Yet now we are asked to believe they have all achieved this significant scientific breakthrough in a matter of months.

Despite using a variety of competing approaches, the claims from various manufacturers, that they have all made a scientific leap forward, have all come within a few days of each other. I do not think that is plausible.

There are other factors which give rise to my doubts. The fact that the government has given the vaccine manufacturers immunity from prosecution is alarming. Especially given that announcements about vaccine safety and effectiveness have been made long before safety trials have been completed.

Trial design appears to be heavily biased towards demonstrating success rather than identifying potential problems. Researchers, in multi million pound trials, have claimed success and then acknowledged that they had been conducting those trials using inaccurate dosage calculations. They say they were lucky that the trials indicate such startling success. I think this claim is literally unbelievable.

There are clear and significant conflicts of financial and sociopolitical interests shared between globalist philanthropists, world health authorities, the manufacturers, researchers, government scientific advisors, politicians and health regulators. I do not accept that these conflicts of interest are irrelevant and cannot influence vaccine research and development.

The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), which oversees drug safety in the UK, has requested AI software to deal with what it calls the “high volume” of adverse drug reactions it expects from the COVID 19 vaccine. In a liability free legal environment, adverse drug reactions are far less of a concern for vaccine manufacturers. I see no public health benefit to the removal of this liability.

The proposed messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccines have the potential to alter human DNA, switching targeted genes on and off. Without any possible long term studies, we have no idea what health impacts this may have. These experimental vaccines have never been used on the human population.

However, mRNA vaccines do offer the pharmaceutical corporations a considerable advantage. Once developed, they are cheap to manufacture.

I am not convinced that these vaccines won’t have a detrimental impact upon public health. We only need to look at Thalidomide to know that such disasters can and do happen. Nor am I convinced that proper, independent trials have been successfully completed, as claimed.

I can see many potential dangers associated with these vaccines. None of these concerns seem to matter to the people who insist I and my loved are injected with them. If I raise them I am attacked, abused and labelled as some sort of danger to national security. Now the state has resorted to threats in an apparent attempt to force me to take vaccines.

I recognise that you may find my views unscientific and indicative of a conspiracy theory mindset. You may think them unacceptable and agree that opinions like mine need to be silenced.

Perhaps you are among the many people who seem to support proposed legislation to make it a criminal offence to express such opinions. If this legislation passes into law, it will make any future criticism of any vaccine practically impossible.

I think you are naive if you believe a law designed to silence critical debate will stop at discussion of vaccines. Allowing the state to claim the power to police opinion is an immense risk.

None of this does anything to convince me that my concerns are unfounded. Nor does it do anything other than reduce your safety. It simply enables the people who want you to consume their products to claim that there are no scientific or medical objections to any of them. But there are.

I have no ulterior motive for expressing my views on vaccines. I have no conflict of interest. My views are genuine and are based solely upon my own limited understanding. In this regard, I humbly suggest we are the same.

I implore you to do as much research as you can before deciding whether or not you will join those who take the new COVID 19 vaccines. Please make the effort to look beyond the claims of globalist philanthropists, manufacturers, government advisors, the mainstream media and politicians.

You don’t know what you may discover. Perhaps nothing, but gathering information to inform your own opinion is never “bad.” Be wary of those who claim that it is.

They want you to believe that their knowledge is so superior to yours you are incapable of grasping it. This asserts that you can never legitimately question them. You should be sceptical of anyone who makes such a claim.

I urge you to be extremely vigilant for any potential financial and sociopolitical conflicts of interest. People who make claims about vaccines, who stand to gain from your use of them, should not easily be believed without thorough scrutiny.

Please seek out and read the numerous scientific papers and expert opinions concerning vaccines. Don’t simply dismiss the papers or opinions that question vaccines. Despite what many would have you believe, neither science nor effective medical treatments are decided by committee. Please consider the arguments made.

I trust you and your judgment. I just hope, before you consent to your COVID 19 vaccine, you make every effort to ensure your consent is genuinely informed.

It is a fools errand to rely solely upon the opinions of others. We must exercise critical thought ourselves, or we will be damned.

I have not written this letter to you because I don’t care about what happens to you or your loved ones. I have written it because I do.

I wish you well.

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