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A Covid-19 Vaxx Catastrophe is being Covered Up. A Registered Nurse reports from Ground Zero

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

I am a Maryland Registered Nurse and I have never seen anything like this ever, with adverse effects and deaths from a so-called Vaxx. Why are more than 90% of the SEVERE ADVERSE REACTIONS (many are lifetime crippling) and DEATHS not being reported by the the Health Organizations, Government, and Mainstream News?

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Why haven't the inoculations been stopped within 14 days after they started them, and already knew most of the problems we keep seeing? Why are Doctors and Nurses being told to Shut Up, do not go public about what you know, or you will loose your licenses and be fired?

Many Health Care Professionals are quitting their jobs and moving to other states. Whatever happened to DO NO HARM? Why are Covid Cases exaggerated completely while Covid Adverse Reactions and DEATHS being covered-up? Please people Wake Up,

I am likely going to lose my job for making and posting this video to help you see the Truth.

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