30 reasons why the Covid Scamdemic is an attack on the global population by the forces of Evil

  1. Covid is not a chance occurrence. It was clearly anticipated [and planned for]

  2. It has been engineered by scientists [Virus never Isolated in any lab]

  3. It is not highly contagious. [Flulike symptoms only affecting the elderly and infirm]

  4. It has affected only 1 in 500 in the UK.

  5. The Deaths from Covid have been significantly overstated. [false certification]

  6. 99.98% of those who have caught it have recovered.

  7. The results from tests for Covid are seriously inaccurate. [PCR not Fit 4 Purpose]

  8. The reporting of this disease has been, and still is, nothing but propaganda. [Phycological Warefare from Government Behavioural Psychology Unit]

  9. Doctors have been silenced or struck-off for speaking out. [No platformed]

  10. Incorrectly using ventilators has made Covid patients suffer needlessly. [But looked good on TV]

  11. Lockdowns, rather than improving the situation, have increased the deaths. [Suicide, lack of timely treatment]

  12. Masks don’t work. [countless studies all agree]

  13. Masks make wearers more ill. [infection and disease from mask wearing a fact]

  14. Protesters have been prevented from demonstrating. [protest pens]

  15. Social distancing has also been deleterious to health. [Don't hug Grannie or you might kill her - elderly isolated in care homes - often dying alone]

  16. Attendance at public worship has been forbidden. [Cant sing, you might spit on someone]

  17. The vaccines have not been properly tested. [No long tern safety data - experimental - phase 2 trials underway - we are the lab rats]

  18. The vaccines are not normal vaccines. [mRNA never used before as all lab animal testing resulted in death]

  19. The vaccines are ineffective. [can still catch it and pass it on even if double tapped]

  20. Those who have been vaccinated have not been given back their freedoms. [Freedom day, what happened to that - [we will never get out liberty and freedom back unless we fight for it]

  21. The drug companies that produce the vaccines have been given immunity from prosecution. [hardly surprising since in the UK 1 million + serious injuries and 1500+ deaths from vaccines - many times more in Europe and the US]

  22. Hospital wards have been closed. [staff sent home as there were no patients]

  23. There have been 33,000 extra deaths of people who have been denied treatment for non-Covid complaints. [scandalous. Needs to be fully exposed and those responsible held accountable]

  24. Doctors are refusing to speak out for fear of reprisals. [abused and ridiculed for opposing 'status-quo' view]

  25. The young have suffered most dreadfully. [Education devastated and social contact limited - FOMO used to incite them to be jabbed]

  26. The government refuses to listen to any alternative point of view. [la la la la la la]

  27. The incalculable damage lockdown has done to our economy with eight million out of work or on furlough. [Deliberate ploy to destroy small and local businesses in favour of global corporate giants]

  28. The vastly increased debts that this country now owes. [2 Trillion and growing at a rate of £5,170 per second]

  29. The pusillanimity of our politicians who have done so little (nothing) to hold the government to account. [Surrendered control to the WEF and the NWO to enable The Great Reset]

  30. The UK government has behaved like a dictatorship, and a communist dictatorship at that. [Communitarianism - the new Global Government Mantra]

In short, and as others have said, doesn’t the whole thing stink?

Indeed, when we consider the above “fruits”, are we not entitled to judge that "An enemy hath done this", and indeed an enemy, our government, that is not only shamefacedly still doing it but also doing nothing to change direction, and all the while refusing us permission either to talk about it, or demonstrate against it?

Something in the garden is not as rosy as they would have you believe

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