2022 - Where do we go from here?

If you are one of the many millions who are Awake, then you already know what the future holds in store for you.

But those who are asleep at the wheel, those who are sleepwalking into a dystopian future will discover that without the experimental jab, there are restrictions on your ability to travel, to shop, to engage in large public events like football matches or music events, to visit pubs and clubs, to go to a GP or Hospital, there are limitations on your ability to get a job, even limitations and restrictions on who you can associate with, and its not going to get any easier in 2022.

We are being primed to accept 100% vaccinations status. Those sensible people who choose not to take an experimental gene altering jab may end up being 'relocated' to 'internment camps' for the safety of the vaccinated community. How ridiculous is that? But thats what's already happening in Australia and it won't be long before it becomes the norm in many western countries.

As a well known anti-jab commentator recently said,

"Why should I put on a raincoat to stop you getting wet"?

The ridiculously flawed logic which says that the 'fully vaccinated' (whatever definition of that state you prefer - 2 jabs, 3 jabs, 4 jabs etc. ad-infinitum) are at risk from the unvaccinated is utterly ludicrous.

Scientific studies show that once a person has been jabbed, their body becomes a production factory for Covid-19 spike proteans, which can escape (known as shedding) from their host and continue to infect others, jabbed or otherwise. Which is precisely why the hospital admission statistics show that more vaccinated than unvaccinated citizens are the ones falling ill and being admitted to hospitals.

And then there's the awful scam of the Omicron variant, or as it used to be known, 'the Common Cold'. If Covid-19 in all its early manifestations was nothing more than a laboratory enhanced version of the flu (read 'Gain of Function' and the contracts placed with the Wuhan lab by US health officials including Dr. Anthony Fauci, possibly the most corrupt public servant ever, to bio-engineer Covid, because the Gain of Function bio-engineering process has ben banned in the US), then recent UK hospital admissions showing that 65% of the people who tested positive for Omicron were admitted for other reasons is evidence that the Common Cold has been rebadged as Omicron simply to maintain the fear factor.

This result also exposes the PCR testing scam with its deliberately flawed testing processes designed to make as many people as they want, at any given time, to test positive for anything. Again maintaining the fear factor.

Friends, we are facing a totalitarian regime, hell bent on enslaving us socially, financially, culturally and environmentally. But we have the God given right to live as free people under common law.

We have to defend and protect these ancient rights before the oppressive authoritarians overwhelm society as we know it. We must stand firm, we must refuse to comply and we must oppose these draconian measure whilst we are still able.

To the sheep who are blindly following the piper of doom, I say you have already lost. You are doomed to a shallow life of sadness and compliance and you are never again going to experience the freedoms fought for by our ancestors, unless you WAKE UP!

Take back ownership of your freedoms, it is not the Governments to give to you, it is yours. Own it. Use it to spread the truth, use it to oppose restrictions and tyranny.

It's your choice. Comply and die or fight for a future for you and your children, a future free of enslavement and restrictions, a future of hope and opportunity, a future we can be proud participants of. Not an ever more powerful police state.

As I say, its your choice.

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