1000 Covid Stories: Read the true stories of people injured or killed by the jab


Are you concerned about their possible side effects?

If you go online and do simple research on the term “COVID Vaccine Side Effects” you are presented with a gaggle of links that are strangely similar. “Side effects are minor and common.” “Side effects are a sign that your vaccine is working properly.” When you visit YouTube and do the same search, again, the videos have a consistent theme. “The risk from the vaccines are less than the risks from COVID” and “vaccine side effects are actually a good thing.” If you post a comment or video on Facebook about vaccine side effects your post is deleted and your account may be closed.

But when you go to an uncensored website like Bitchute.com or Rumble.com and do the same search, you see hundreds of videos from real people who have had horrific side effects from their injections.

This website is dedicated to sharing the truth about these people and their testimonials. Watch for yourself and make up your own mind. Is it worth it to risk life-changing and even fatal side effects from a vaccine for a disease that is survived by 99.98% of people under 70?

Below, you will find countless stories of side effects directly from those involved, or sadly, if they died, from their relatives.

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