10 Dreadful Predictions that will Undoubtedly Come True

Prediction 1:

Despite the available evidence proving that the jabs will kill and cause serious health problems, children in the UK are going to be injected with the toxic experimental substance which will make many of them ill. Pfizer says their jab is safe for children and it has been approved for 12-year-olds.

The BBC further betrayed the British people by broadcasting a video by an American called Devi Sridhar – who assured children that the jab is 100% safe. How many children will die because of the video the BBC broadcast? A hundred? A thousand? How many children will die as a result of being jabbed with a toxin that doesn’t do what most people think it does to protect them against a danger which is almost certainly no more of a threat than lightning for children?

Prediction 2:

The pressure on the unvaccinated will mount dramatically. Public Health England has already said that restrictions are more likely to end if 70% of adults have been jabbed.

The media will be persuaded to demonise all those wise enough to reject an experimental and unnecessary vaccine.

No one seems to bother that it is the vaccinated who should perhaps avoid aeroplanes and strenuous exercise and probably need vitamin D supplements. The unvaccinated should avoid aeroplanes which are being piloted by pilots who have been vaccinated.

Prediction 3:

The number of deaths in 2020 was lower than in a number of previous years – especially when you realise that the population has risen dramatically. But the number of deaths will rise in 2021 and 2022 because of people dying of health problems which haven’t been treated. There are estimated to be 12 million people waiting hospital treatment in the UK. That’s 1 in 5 of the population. The lockdowns, and other wicked nonsenses, will result in well over a million extra and early deaths from cancer and heart disease in the UK alone.

And, of course, statistics from around the world, as reported on www.21stcenturywire.com, show that weekly deaths in many countries have climbed after vaccinations. The only pandemic in the world is the pandemic of coincidence. Two BBC presenters who’d been vaccinated died ‘after short illnesses. Is that now the synonym for vaccine deaths?

Prediction 4:

Flu is going to come back big time in the autumn and the winter. They’ll blame us for not social distancing. They’ll say that covid is coming back and that new variations are responsible. But the increase in flu deaths will be inevitable. Natural immunity has more or less gone. Masks, lockdowns, social distancing and jabs have destroyed it. And pathogenic priming will mean many deaths among the vaccinated.

It will be a reason to insist on permanent masks, social distancing and rules. They were never going to allow there to be a permanent end to any of these things. They will bring in tougher laws to control those who do not or cannot wear a mask. Some hospitals and Doctors Surgeries are already breaking the law by insisting that visitors wear masks – even if they are exempt.

Prediction 5:

A massive rise in inflation and it is coming. Printing money was bound to create massive national debts. An unofficial currency devaluation is inevitable. Bankruptcies are going to increase massively. Even the Bank of England has finally admitted that it expects a surge in inflation.

Inflation will be welcomed by politicians because it will further damage individuals and small businesses and boost the power of the State. There is a wide misunderstanding about inflation.

Unemployment will soar when the crazy furlough schemes come to an end. Nearly 10% of pubs and restaurants have already closed. I reckon that will be near 50% by Christmas. Maybe more.

Prediction 6:

There will be unexpected collapses and deaths among athletes in Tokyo’s Olympics due to take place this summer. The head of the British Olympic Association says that the organisation is still struggling to persuade some athletes to take the experimental jab. He says, with apparent surprise, that “there are individuals who didn’t want to be vaccinated. We’re trying to convince them it’s the right thing to do.”

Will the BOA get sued if vaccinated athletes fall ill or worse. The football organisers have been lucky. I will be surprised if the Olympics go by without a death or two among the ‘vaccinated’. (See Christian Ericson and the recent Wimbledon mystery illness……)

Prediction 7:

In the US there are still millions who are refusing to be vaccinated, so there is talk of self-disseminating vaccines. These will spread from the vaccinated to the unvaccinated. No one in government cares that this is a breach of national and international laws. These ‘so-called’ vaccines have been available since 2018 and they are promoted as a way to spread a vaccine through the community without bothering to jab each individual.

The government don’t care about the law. They don’t care about ethics. Reportedly, these spreading jabs have been supported by the Gates Foundation.

Prediction 8:

Oil prices are soaring. The global warming cultists have pressurised oil companies to stop hunting for oil. And as a consequence supplies will run low. Hardly anyone really believes in the myth of global warming, except people with their brains in the wrong way round, but the cultists want us to stop using oil, gas and coal completely. Daft solutions like windmills and solar power will provide enough electricity to power the Twitter and Facebook accounts of extinction rebellion. Nevertheless, governments everywhere, have adopted the lunacy.

There are only two possibilities: either billions will die of starvation and cold or fossil fuel consumption will increase. In the long-term, the former is inevitable. In the short-term the latter is inevitable.

One group of lunatic greens claim that there will be another 2,500 deaths a year in the UK from the heat by 2050. They obviously don’t realise that 60,000 people a year die of the cold in the UK. If the temperature were to rise a little that number could be halved. So, a higher temperature, if it were to happen, might kill 2,500 a year but would save 30,000 a year.

Prediction 9:

There are going to be massive, deliberately engineered food shortages. And it is already happened in Africa, India and Asia where millions have died of starvation. Food prices are rocketing and will continue to rocket. The food shortages will hit America, Europe and Australasia. The coming global famine will make all previous famines pale by comparison. There are massive food shortages in North Korea at the moment. Check it all out.

And by the way, old-fashioned farms are finished. Billions are being poured into laboratories making food. Gates and others have investments in laboratory created food. They want us to eat ‘alternative’ protean, or ‘bugs’ to you and me, along with laboratory grown meat.

The weather this year will continue to be poor, they need bad weather to destroy farming and to keep us miserable and low in vitamin D. They can blame the cold weather on global warming. The rain will destroy crops and home gardening. People can’t travel to warmer climates, so they’ll have miserable holidays in the cold and wet. They’ll be ever keener to take as many jabs as they’re offered.

Global warming, or global getting colder, is only real in that it is being deliberately created by the self-appointed elite through their weather altering HAARP technologies.

Prediction 10:

Whether or not they are jabbed, children are going to suffer massively. Once again, this isn’t a new prediction. It is something that was obvious over a year ago. It is estimated that 90,000 children will start secondary school unable to read or write. At least 200,000 children are now suffering mental illness.

These poor children will never ever recover. They have been destroyed by lockdowns, social distancing and masks that have all been proven time and time again, in study after study, not to work. Politicians don’t give a damn. Scientific advisors don’t give a damn. Teachers certainly don’t give a damn. And too many parents don’t give a damn either.

This is a war between the informed and the ignorant, the courageous and the cowardly, the dignified and the undignified, the respectful and disrespectful.

Unless we win this war, we are all going to die except for the wealthy elite.

Everything our governments have done have been deliberate. They have used fear to force citizens to do illogical and stupid things.

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