Dear Friends and supporters:

The engineered Ukraine food crisis, reducing the world's supply of grain and fertiliser is having a catastrophic effect on the agricultural output of the world's major food production countries. Couple this to the unbelievable number of food production and manufacturing plants that are mysteriously catching fire destroying what food is already store or in manufacture, and add to this astronomical fuel and energy prices, it's not hard to see the globalist plan to freeze and starve the poorer amongst us coming to fruition.

It's getting closer…. A cold, hard winter with little food and energy supplies cut off. 

Digital ID's, Digital Currency and Social Credit, will be three more sticks used to beat us into submission.

We must resist and we must be heard. We only have one life, don't let them steal it from us.


Be brave, be informed and be prepared.              Aletheia: September 2022